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We provide art class in small group with no more than 6 people to meet the best quality. Students are able to learn much more from the teacher individually.



Intro Art (K-5th)


Students at this age will learn the introduction of colors, basic elements of drawing and painting by using different materials. It is very important for kids to start learning art when they are little. The purpose is not to make them very good at art nor wishing them to become famous artists. Learning art at this age is about being creative, being patient, learning colors, understanding different shapes. Most importantly, get interested in art and have fun. 

At Artistic Art Studio, we want to nurture your child’s creativity. We want to bring out the artist in your young child.




Advanced Art (6th-Adult)


Students at this age will begin to learn art in more advanced level by using materials such as pencil, charcoal, acrylic, oil, pastel, oil pastel and watercolor and ink. Advanced art program covers still life drawing/painting, landscape painting, figure drawing/painting, art design, concept art and even abstract art. Teenagers are taught to build up strong foundation skill as well as expressing their emotions creatively on a canvas. They will learn and understand what art is all about.



Adults are also welcome to join us. You can forget your daily stress and rediscover yourself in stress free world of colors.

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